Saturday, 13 July 2013

Provailen Review - Arthritis Free Solution

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Arthritis at a Glance

Arthritis is a disease involving inflammation of the joints. Symptoms include swelling, stiffness and pain.
It happens when the cartilage is broken down or the joints in the body are inflamed.  When the cartilage is worn or breaks down, the bones begin to hit one another, rubbing together without the protective cartilage . Therefore, resulting in stiffness, swelling and pain.

Here comes the solution. Provailen!

R.D.K holdings S.A

What is Provailen?

Provailen is a natural product contains Reishi - in the same family as Penicillin. Well said that this Reishi is as powerful as Hydrocortisone after 75 times  potential increase through special process.

What you can expect from Provailen?

Here are some benefit when you are using Provailen.
  • It will stop the arthritis by acting on the pain source
  • No more arthritis inflammation
  • No known side effect - this product is natural 
  • it was manufactured in FDA approved facility. So, you don't need to worry.
  • No known medication interactions.

 What do real customer says about Provailen?

“Why my Doctor didn’t tell me about this is a mystery. Wish I’d have found you years ago. Brilliant.”Sheila P. (Testimony from company website)
“If you’d have told me 4 months ago that I’d be as active as I am now, I’d have laughed at you. It’s such a joy to enjoy cycling and walking again thanks to your wonderful product.”- Jack M. (Testimony from company website)

How much Provailen Cost and how you can save money?

Right now, it only cost $49.95 for 1 bottle.
If you buy 2 bottle, you can save $5. It cost at $94.90
But I would like to recommend to get 3 bottle. Why?
Because, not only you can save $49.95, you also get 1 extra bottle for free!

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